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Casio Exilim G EX-G1 Digital Camera User Manual [.pdf]

Do you own Casio Exilim G EX-G1 digital camera? If you do own it, next question, have you some problems with the results from your camera? If you have it, well, you should see this manual.

This user manual provides full information about the camera itself from the introduction of each features until some tips to gain the best results through this Casio Exilim G EX-G1 digital camera.

Casio Exilim G EX-G1 digital camera

Casio EXILIM G EX-G1 (screenshot)

A digital camera which will give a nice experience just like a professional cameraman. With offering you some cool features such as shock resistant, dustproof, waterproof and freezeproof -- those features make this camera a "hardiness" ability which gives you a comfortable when using Casio Exilim G EX-G1 at everywhere, every time, or every temperatures without any anxiety feel of damages.

Moreover, this 12.1MP Casio Exilim G EX-G1 digital camera also provides some zoom abilities, 2.5-inch TFT color LCD monitor screen, store capacity -- 35.7MB built-in memory, support external memory microSD and microSDHC, as well as live with lithium ion battery (NP-80) X1.

Casio EXILIM G EX-G1 Digital Camera User Manual


    * Unpacking
    * Read this first!
    * Contents
    * General Guide
    * Monitor Screen Contents
    * Quick Start Basics

      o What is a digital camera?
      o What you can do with your CASIO camera
      o First, charge the battery prior to use.
      o Configuring Basic Settings the First Time You Turn On the Camera
      o Preparing a Memory Card
      o Turning the Camera On and Off
      o Attaching a Protector
      o Holding the Camera Correctly
      o To shoot a snapshot
      o Viewing Snapshots
      o Deleting Images
      o Snapshot Shooting Precautions
      o Shock resistant, Waterproof, Dustproof

    * Snapshot Tutorial

      o Using the Control Panel
      o Changing the Image Size (Size)
      o Using Flash (Flash)
      o Using the Self-timer (Self-timer)
      o Specifying the Auto Focus Area (AF Area)
      o Specifying ISO Sensitivity (ISO)
      o Shooting with the REC Light (REC Light)
      o Using Face Detection (Face Detection)
      o Shooting with the Make-up Mode (Make-up)
      o Shooting Beautiful Scenery Images (Landscape)
      o Changing the Control Panel Date/Time Style
      o Shooting with Zoom

    * Recording Movie Images and Audio

      o To record a movie
      o Using Prerecord Movie
      o Shooting a Snapshot while Shooting a Movie
      o Recording Audio Only (Voice Recording)

    * Using BEST SHOT

      o What is BEST SHOT?
      o To shoot an image with BEST SHOT
      o Shooting with AUTO BEST SHOT
      o Automatically Shooting at Regular Intervals (Interval)
      o Isolating Moving Subjects (Multi-motion Image)

    * Advanced Settings

      o Using On-screen Menus
      o REC Mode Settings (REC)
      o Image Quality Settings (Quality)

    * Viewing Snapshots and Movies

      o Viewing Snapshots
      o Viewing a Movie
      o Viewing Continuous Shutter Images
      o Zooming an On-screen Image
      o Displaying the Image Menu
      o Displaying Images in the Calendar Screen
      o Viewing Snapshots and Movies on a TV Screen

    * Other Playback Functions (PLAY)

      o Playing a Slideshow on the Camera (Slideshow)
      o Laying Out Snapshots with Layout Print (Layout Print)
      o Creating a Snapshot of Movie Frames (MOTION PRINT)
      o Editing a Movie on the Camera (Movie Editing)
      o Optimizing Image Brightness (Lighting)
      o Using Red Eye Correction (Red Eye)
      o Adjusting White Balance (White Balance)
      o Adjusting the Brightness of an Existing Snapshot (Brightness)
      o Selecting Images for Printing (DPOF Printing)
      o Protecting a File Against Deletion (Protect)
      o Editing the Date and Time of an Image (Date/Time)
      o Rotating an Image (Rotation)
      o Resizing a Snapshot (Resize)
      o Cropping a Snapshot (Trimming)
      o Adding Audio to a Snapshot (Dubbing)
      o Copying Files (Copy)

    * Dynamic Photo

      o To create a subject image to be inserted (Dynamic Photo)
      o Inserting a Subject into a Background Image (Dynamic Photo)
      o Converting a Dynamic Photo to a Movie (Movie Converter)

    * Printing

      o Printing Snapshots
      o Connecting Directly to a PictBridge Compatible Printer
      o Using DPOF to Specify Images to be Printed and the Number of Copies

    * Using the Camera with a Computer

      o Things you can do using a computer…
      o Using the Camera with a Windows Computer
      o Using the Camera with a Macintosh
      o Files and Folders
      o Memory Card Data

    * Other Settings (Set Up)

      o Adjusting Monitor Screen Brightness (Screen)
      o Configuring Camera Sound Settings (Sounds)
      o Configuring a Startup Image (Startup)
      o Specifying the File Name Serial Number Generation Rule (File No.)
      o Configuring World Time Settings (World Time)
      o Time Stamping Snapshots (Timestamp)
      o Setting the Camera’s Clock (Adjust)
      o Specifying the Date Style (Date Style)
      o Specifying the Display Language (Language)
      o Configuring Sleep State Settings (Sleep)
      o Configuring Auto Power Settings (Auto Power Off)
      o Configuring Setting (Power On)
      o Configuring USB Protocol Settings (USB)
      o Selecting the Screen Aspect Ratio and Video Output System (Video Out)
      o Formatting Built-in Memory or a Memory Card (Format)
      o Resetting the Camera to Factory Defaults (Reset)

    * Configuring Monitor Screen Settings

      o Using the On-screen Histogram to Check Exposure

    * Appendix

      o Precautions during Use
      o Power Supply
      o Using a Memory Card
      o Computer System Requirements for Bundled Software (Bundled CD-ROM)
      o Reset Initial Default Settings
      o When things don’t go right…
      o Number of Snapshots/Movie Recording Time/ Voice Recording Time
      o Specifications

This guide is Free! available at CASIO website.

Download Free: Casio EXILIM G EX-G1 Digital Camera User Manual.pdf (193 pages pdf file, 4.85 MB).

Please do read our "Disclaimer" before you download the document from the website written above.

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